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So Okay… I’m no expert when it comes to sex, but yes I am a female and yes I do LOVE sex.

There seems to be this taboo of men wanting sex more than women, men always want it etc.

Er, well I haven’t really had much of that? What do I mean? Well, to be fair most of the time it was always me initiating sex, trying to spice it up and make it even better than what it already was; and I know I’m not the only woman. A few of my friends say exactly the same.

What makes good sex? Passion, confidence and a physical connection. If you don’t have any of these, 9 out of 10 times you won’t find it half as enjoyable as if you were in a relationship with someone or actually had feelings for eachother. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what size you are as long as you are confident enough to show off and make the best of what you have you should find the connection with whoever you’re with much more exciting and enjoyable.

How to have sex? Well there isn’t a particular way you should or shouldn’t. Obviously any way you have sex entails in the male genitalia inserting into the female genitalia; that shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out. You do it how you both like it! Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment, after all how do you know what you’re going to like if you don’t try it…

I personally find foreplay is a MUST. Whether you want to just do the ‘basics’ or experiment with some toys, for a woman especially it’s not very often she will ‘orgasm’ through sex alone…and No there is nothing wrong with you as a man, it’s just the way the shoe fits. ‘If ya get me’.

So some of you have an idea what ‘Foreplay’ is, but is it just a stereotype you have in your head?

Foreplay is not something that has rules to what you have to do, what order in which you have to do it…it’s purely a way of pleasuring each other in ways in which you can’t through sex.

I guess most of you wouldn’t class all this as foreplay- music, wine, take-away, bubble bath, candles, hours of kissing, stroking, rubbing and fondling each other on the sofa.

Some times it could be sharing a saucy secret over dinner (‘Did I ever tell you how much it turns me on when you rub your nipples in the bath’). It could also be giving a gift which makes you both blush.

It is the build up to SEX it may be over a few minutes, hours or days.

Oh and a little alone time , one on one with yourself, your hand or a few toys is always a good thing. We all do it! Don’t be so shy.

– Oral sex (BLOW JOB/LICKING HER OUT) this is contact from mouth to genitals, which not everyone likes to do; and if you don’t there is nothing wrong with you. It’s also not something in which if the man licks his woman out he should expect to receive a blow job, like some sort of reward.The same as presents really (‘You don’t give to receive’).

* Relaxation (Relaxing bubble bath, candles, body massage from your partner).

* Connection (Dirty talk, Body language, Sweet somethings).

* Seduction (Teasing, Undressing each other, Adornment, Kissing).

There are so many ways you can make sex better, more enjoyable and remember not everyone likes the same thing. So what your ex partner might of loved, your current partner may hate… be sure to ask if they like it, if theres something you could do different. Theres nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism especially when it’s building up to a big explosion.

You may not get it right the first, second or third time.. there is no right way it’s just as long as it’s enjoyable, pleasurable and sometimes fun!

My personal opinions are– Be open minded, use toys, spend time building up to sex, plenty of foreplay, make it passionate, use plenty of lube, don’t expect things, change positions until you find one best for the pair of you, tell the other person what they are doing right and what they need to improve on. This has to be an enjoyable experience.

Anyway this is in no way a professional blog, just a few things I feel. I will move on to more in depth details in my next blog.

Oh…and always make sure you’re protected! Not just from pregnancy but from STI’S.

Use a condom.

Bye for now. Go have fun 😉


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Well we all as parents ask ourselves what our little darlings think about…I think some clever clogs has come up with a pretty good concept don’t you.. just take a look at the above! (You look at it and straight away to me it’s like they do it on purpose). This is obviously how it seems to a very frustrated parent at times. I really do think this is what they think… plus loads more. i.e. ‘If mummy shuts me in my bedroom I will scream as loud as I can so she comes to me, when that doesn’t work I shall just pull my nappy off and piss on the floor’. If you speak to a health visitor or anyone all they say is you just have to leave them! Uh..hold on, how can I leave him when his pissing all over his floor? I’ll never understand that one.

Everyday I wonder what my little boy is thinking, at 2 and a half years old he constantly chats away to himself and goes on about the same stuff over and over again. At the moment its , Mummmmmmmmmyyyyyy….What? Why? Wheres this, Wheres that? Questions over and over… some strange reason his addicted to the hoover so it’s MUMMMMMYYYYY, WHERES HOOVAAH?

The other thing I personally fail to understand is why they don’t like to listen to a word you say especially when your telling them not to do something, and they keep carrying on and testing your patience. Oh and also the fact they expect you to be a mind reader and know what they want…. ‘Pointing at something and saying I WANT THAT, without pointing at anything in particular’. I mean come on seriously if i was a psychic then i’d be making money from it and putting my powers/abilities at better use than determining what my son wants. (I’m sure most mum’s/parents can relate).

Sometimes at night he’ll be going to sleep and i’ll hear him talking about his day to himself eg. playschool, teachers names, friends names and what he’s played with. So it’s pretty obvious how much they do actually take in and learn!

So why then if they are so inquisitive and at that stage of wanting to learn everything and know everything, they disobey you and take the piss out of you as soon as you have to take your attention off of them for 5 minutes..? Surely they should understand that Mummy’s busy and she can come and play with you when what she need’s to do is done.

Nope, that’s not the case!

Also I will listen and take advice off of people if I think it makes sense and will work , but when someone tells you stuff that you’ve tried over and over or something which you’ve obviously thought of …it does sort of bug me! Don’t teach a duck to lay an egg. You get what i’m saying??

Anyway, what does your wonderful 2 year old get up to? and how do you deal with it…? Sensible comments though please.

I have got half a brain :)..well I like to think so anyway.


The wonderful mind of a toddler.

Graze Box- ‘Little box full of goodness’.



So, I woke up this morning and HELLO what do we have sitting on the floor by my front door? 

This little box full of goodness. 

What is Graze you ask? Well a graze box is a fairly new craze…get it!? Jokes aside… Basically you sign up online and I think they pretty much have some sort of deal going on all the time, my deal was 1st box, and 5th box free. But they’re usually £3.89 a box and I think I’ll try a few more at least.

You get an option of around 100 nutritious snacks online, you can choose what you’d like to try, bin or want sent to you soon. The variety is massive for example. Healthy popping corn (different flavours), Dips and dippers which is a mix of some sweet things or savoury again your choice unless your not fussed, Pure fruits, Flapjacks, Olives, Seeds, Pure fruit & lots more! There is definitely something for everyone, and don’t feel like it’s something you wouldn’t like just because a lot of it isn’t your cup of tea…just bin it and try something else they send them randomly but from the list you’ve said you’d like to try!

My suggestion is- If its still first box FREE , get it..Yes you do have to fill in direct debit details but once you have received your first box it can be cancelled no questions asked if you choose it’s not right for you.

Well i’ve had my first, and doesn’t it look good… I wouldn’t usually choose snacks like these, just because you don’t really think of alternative options but so far so good, i’ve had the jaffa cake flapjack and the scrumptious blueberry swirl.

1.Jaffa cake flapjack- Really moist, You can definitely taste the orange flavour but lovely and sweet (Fave so far).

2. Blueberry scrumptious swirl- These are really nice you get blueberry yogurt raisins, raspberry cranberries and blackcurrants in this ..for me the yogurt raisins were TOO sweet which is unusual for me but they were sickly (personal opinion) but the other dried fruits in there were surprisingly good, again something I wouldn’t usually go for but would try again!


Will keep you updated when I have tried the other goodies 🙂 


Ps. If you need a code for 1st and 5th box free- Message me.

My day 29th January 2014.


So, anyway more on me.. zzzzZzZzZZ sorry to bore you.

I ticked off one of my resolutions .

– Back massage 🙂 (OMG, it was amazing… loved it so much booked in for another next week; hopefully this will become a regular monthly occurrence).

* Purchased a sewing machine, and some books…love to try new things! Knowledge is power and all that. Plus creativity is key to everything, sort of… my own mind.

* Going to start a scrapbook about stuff I do throughout the year, I guess it’s an offline blog but less writing and more pretty! Found an amazing new company who make scrapbooks plus loads of cutesy things for it (LA DE DAH) cannot wait for it to come!

* Had a day reminiscing about old songs and linking them to things of the past… and of course most of this made me quite happy so haven’t stopped singing since (sorry neighbours). Few songs…? Oh go on then..

1. Green day- Good riddance (time of your life)

2. Pink- Don’t let me get me

3. Shania twain- That don’t impress me much

4. Plan B- End credits

5. Brad paisley- Whisky lullaby

6. Dj Ironik- Stay with me

7. Jakwob- Fade

….Okay some of them are quite sad but what the heck, still LOVE them.

Done much today? What other than sing a lot, have a back massage, chose my funeral songs (don’t ask I don’t even like the thought of death) but if you wanna know 4 & 7, See Emma, Deal with an extremely hyperactive child since his returned home from play school , and watch my tidy flat demolished with anything and everything he can get his paws on and next I think it’s time for dinner and television…maybe they’ll be some peace and quite in there somewhere. Who am i kidding?!

Cheerio. Maybe see you later.

2014. A Year For Me.


So another year has come around… 2014.

What does it have in store? Well unfortunately, as most people seem to think the year hasn’t actually got anything planned for you. You have to make it ‘YOUR’ year so to speak.

The last few years I haven’t really done anything for me, not anything proper anyway… I’ve a massive list of things I haven’t done, would love to do its now just getting round to them.

Okay, I know in reality with having a child and not enough time to do things it’s gonna be impossible to get them all done in the space of a year but who knows, i’d like to give it a try.

This is a random order and some of them may seem random normal things to most people but they’re still things I haven’t yet got round to doing or would like to do again so…

1. Sky dive (This won’t happen anytime soon, it’s just a thought for now).

2. Back Massage

3. V festival (Even if it’s just a day ticket).

4. Thorpe park (For the Gazillionth time) although perhaps not as want to do the ministry of sound night and 2 days.

5. Alton towers (Never been would love to go).

6. New years eve london fireworks!!!!

7. Find some proper friends, friends who are there for you as well as you being there for them , people who want to go out do stuff and have FUN!! 🙂  (not saying none of mine do before you read this, just want more). Haha.

More to come… ❤




So we all go to school , learn, then leave school and pretty much forget it all… we have these pieces of paper called certificates which ‘show’ and enable people to see what we know, and how well we did! But how about now? Come on, out of all of you how many of you can say you remember what you learnt in english when you were 12? Unless of course you are still 12, then I hope the answer is all of it! 

I mean yeah there are some pretty clever people out there, and their minds are filled with tonnes of knowledge which most of us would love to be that clever. But is it because you don’t listen? Or is it just the capability of everyone is different? 

Just because I don’t remember everything i’ve once learnt doesn’t make me thick, stupid or a dunce; I know i’m far from it. But I’m not as bright as i’d like to be.

Truth is me personally I could sit and study books for days on end, take an interest in something but yet i’d still forget it which I do hate at times; being extremely unforgetful that is.

The point to this post? I’m not too sure, I’ve forgot. But it is true. 



Who/What is MissUniqueBoutiquee? So MissUniqueBoutiquee is my idea of a business, I enjoy making stuff when I have a bit of spare time. I found when I split up with my ex partner I needed to keep occupied so kept on making things, it took my mind off of the split sort of (although just to clarify well over him now ‘this was nearly 2 years ago’). I just kept making stuff and it resulted in a lot of my spare space being taken over by stuff which I guess is viable to sell. Plus i’d had comments on some bits and people were asking for stuff so thought i’d give it ago!

Although again this is a bit hit and miss, again because of money… unless you have enough money to start up a business properly your never going to turn money over just keep spending it back on what you’ve paid out for, which I do enjoy but it would be nice to see something from my work eventually! Again for now, just seeing/knowing people have stuff i’ve made is good enough for me! It shows I’m not useless at everything afterall!

I make an array of different things, these include- Decoden phone cases, Decoupage items, Word Images.

Anyway until I can get a proper paying job which gives me enough money to put behind my ideas, it’s mainly just a dream for now! (But hey if Gabrielle once said ‘dreams can come true’. Then who’s to say they won’t). (If you have 5 minutes and would like to take a look, very much appreciated). 

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‘A Mothers Prerogative’.

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So here it goes…my first blog!

I’m a 23 year old woman, I am a single mum of a little boy aged 2 1/2.

So yeah, So what if i’m a single mum, did i chose to be? No, but it’s life things happen without you always having a choice. So what do you do as you keep being told by everyone, YOU DEAL WITH IT! 

But okay, hold on…Deal with what exactly? I chose to become a mum, but I didn’t choose to be a single parent. I don’t like the saying ‘deal with it’ a child is not an ‘it’, or they shouldn’t be anyway. A child is something you formed and brought into this world and you will bring up this little bundle of joy (or terror) to become the best a person you can with as little or as much help as provided to you. 

I personally don’t think everyone should be stereotyped, yeah fine I am a single mum, I do receive benefits but it wasn’t how I had planned for it to be!

You do see some girls who have children out every weekend partying, drinking, living there lives however I am not one of those.. I don’t know maybe I am slightly jealous of these girls, being able to do stuff as and when they want to. I’m not saying I want to go out clubbing every weekend, but every once in a while, once a month maybe it would just be nice to have a weekend to do what I like go out , meet new people, do stuff i simply cannot do with my son. I don’t think this is selfish whatsoever, I do however think if I just wanted to do this all the time and didn’t spend any time doing stuff with him it wouldn’t be right; but I do we go places when we can and he certainly doesn’t go without.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a full time mum but on some occasions i’d much rather be working, meeting new people, using my brain.. but sometimes we can’t have it all, especially when half of the time they make it so hard for you to get back into work in the first place unless your already in a better financial situation, or drive especially living in the country. Yeah, trains and buses are expensive but then so is running a car… it would work out loads cheaper for me to travel by train or bus to places IF only they provided a better service for people that you don’t have to wait what seems like a light year. No it isn’t an excuse but we should make the most of the time we have with our children as they won’t be little forever and for me, being a human punch bag, a psychic, a cleaner, a referee and so much more certainly takes its toll, and somedays I would much rather be out working especially as these sort of jobs provided being a mum are much higher paid in society! So unless you do it yourself, please do not feel you have the right to judge! Everyone these days are stereotyped and portrayed in the same way, everybodies situations are different. Some are less fortunate than others but thats the way the world is, if it wasn’t the way it was we wouldn’t be living.

Thank you for reading 🙂 

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